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Accountant Services

Individuals and businesses alike employ a great deal of trust with their accountant, bookkeeper and/or financial planner, and as such, professionals in this field are required to take extra precaution in handling their client's confidential records.

Within the province of Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, shredEX provides several key services geared specifically for the accounting profession.  Over the years many accountants have chosen shredEX, for the company's reliability, and attention to detail. 

  • Secured Destruction of Financial Records
    shredEX provides secured shredding of all types of financial records including invoices, obsolete cheques, financial records, etc.

  • Document Imaging Services
    Managing paper records is not only time consuming, but documents also take up valuable office space.   shredEX's Document Imaging service converts client records into digital formats which can be electronically archived for faster processing. 

  • Archive Management
    With the cost of office space leasing and general property costs at a premium, today's accountants must utilize innovative and effective systems to reduce costs and stay competitive.  shredEX provides complete document management services to handle client archives. 

    The service includes pickup and drop off of documents upon client requests, scheduled destruction and cataloguing services.
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