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TreeCycling: Tree replanting and recycling initiative

In 2007, shredEX launched its most comprehensive environment initiative, TreeCycling -- a program dedicated to the preservation, and replenishment of Canadian natural resources (forestry).

The TreeCycling Program is an environmental initiative that promotes awareness and encourages our clients to recycle and shred all paper material which will aid in the preservation, and replenishment of Canadian natural resources (forestry).

Reduce | It all starts at home.
The success of any campaign or initiative lies in the strength of the foundation by which it is built upon. TreeCycling begins with the philosophy of eliminating excess usage of paper products. shredEX is a paper-less company that strives to continually minimize paper consumption. From invoices to our media kits, our firm belief is to utilize the best available digital media technology, and reduce overall paper consumption.

Recycle | Be responsible.
At shredEX, we understand the positive effect that recycling has on our environment and the importance of protecting our resources for future generations. That is why we ensure that all paper materials from our shredding and recycling services are sent directly to various paper mills to be re-used in the manufacturing of new recycled paper products.

Although paper shredding is our core business, we aggressively encourage our clients to participate in TreeCycling, to promote environmental and social responsibility.

Revive | The future depends you.
The cutting of trees and unsustainable management of forests lead to the loss of nearly 36 million acres of natural forests each year. In Canada alone, nearly 5 million trees are lost to over logging and natural diseases. At the heart of the TreeCycling initiative is shredEX’s tree-planting program, in partnership with various Canadian tree planting agencies. For every tonne of paper recycled or shredded, shredEX plants one tree on behalf of our clients, and we match it with an additional tree planted as our own contribution.


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