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Storage and Records Management
In the case of most offices, real estate is a premium cost, and as such, it is imperative that effective use of space must be planned, in order to minimize costs.

shredEX offers a variety of short and long-term solutions designed to work with our client's custom requirements. Whether it's for one box or a warehouse full of documents, our objective is to provide the storage solution that's right for you.

  • Storage by Space: We can allocate an area in our warehouse, specifically for you, to store whatever you may need, such as tradeshow materials, excess furniture, etc.

  • Records Management: shredEX can help reduce your cost by with our records management services, for items such as cataloguing, preparation for destruction, data conversion, and archiving. Our bonded employees provide greater efficiency and allow your full-time personnel to focus on critical tasks.

  • Archives: our archiving service provides you with access to your documents within 24 hour notice. shredEX can store your documents, catalog them, and deliver direct to your office

  • Scheduled Destruction: to further alleviate administrative tasks, shredEX provides Scheduled Destruction of your archived materials, which eliminates the need for constant monitoring of documents. Essentially, you provide us with a destruction date, and we will store your materials and destroy them automatically on the date you specify.


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