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Residential Shredding

Protecting your Private, Personal, and Confidential Information

Identity theft has quickly risen to become the fastest growing crime. As thieves become more and more sophisticated, and require less information to inflict great damage, it has now become even more important that consumers take stronger measures to protect their identity and confidential records.

Why is my recycling and waste a goldmine of information for thieves?

Think about it.  If you have not been actively protecting yourself from identity theft, the next time you take out your recycling bin, take a look at what you have just released to the public for possible theft.  It could be as simple as an old pay stub, or your phone bill from last year, even worse, it could be your bank statement.  These days, thieves need very little information to begin developing a profile on you, and begin posing as yourself, possibly getting credit account on your behalf, or any number of illegal activities.

How often should my personal documents be destroyed?

Generally, it is recommended that you keep most of your household-related documents such as bills, expense records and financial records for approximately 2 years past date.  Depending on what system of record-keeping you prefer, the amount of documents which may need to be destroyed will vary per household. 

A good system of protecting yourself is to set a file box aside which you can easily mark specifically for destruction.  When the box is full, simply contact shredEX and we will pickup your documents at your convenience, and safely destroy all of your confidential materials. 

shredEX offers the following Residential Services:

  • Document Shredding
  • Data Storage Destruction (CDs, VHS, Diskettes)
  • Storage Solutions
 What items should I send to shredEX?

Confidential and sensitive material which should be destroyed isn't limited to bills and financial records.  A good rule of thumb is to destroy any unwanted, unnecessary materials which can be utilized by other individuals to cause harm to yourself or others.

These  include:

  • Bank statements
  • Utility bills
  • Medical records
  • Credit Card slips
  • Documents which may have your signature, or someone in your household
  • Old ID badges and tags
  • Documents which may have any private information about your household such as telephone numbers, account numbers, etc.
  • Old cheques which are no longer valid
  • Unwanted photographs
  • Old pay stubs
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