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Code of Ethics

At shredEX, our bonded employees are carefully screened to effectively ensure the protection of our customer's private and confidential documents. shredEX employees operate under a strict code of ethics that is duly enforced on a regular basis.

  • Employees shall respect the confidential nature of the customers' records and shall maintain appropriate protection to prevent any disclosure of such information except when required by law.

  • Employees shall not by any means engage in, nor allow the use of, statements that are false, misleading, incomplete, or likely to mislead consumers or members of the public.

  • Employees shall uphold and improve the integrity of the company by affirmations of truth, fairness and professional conduct.

  • Employees shall not consider or represent general office paper recycling as a form of destruction.
    Employees shall price their services in a manner that accurately reflects the terms of service and pricing as understood by the client.

  • Employees shall promote the purpose and effectiveness of the information destruction industry by any and all means consistent with the public interest.

  • Employees shall abide by Federal, State and local laws and regulations.

  • Employees shall abide by, and be subject to, the By-Laws of the Association.

  • Employees shall deal fairly with their customers, employees and suppliers.

  • Employees shall be good corporate citizens by serving the community.

  • Employees shall be honest, truthful and fair to all concerned.
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