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Program Details

 The TreeCycling Program is an environmental initiative that promotes awareness and encourages our clients to recycle and shred all paper material which will aid in the preservation, and replenishment of Canadian natural resources (forestry).

At shredEX, we understand the positive effect that recycling has on our environment and the importance of protecting our resources for future generations. That is why we ensure that all recyclable documents that we shred are transported to a paper mill that use the recycled paper to manufacture all sort of paper products.

We want our clients to know that when they shred, they are helping the environment...not only by the fact that the shredded material is recycled but also because of our commitment to plant trees.

For every 6 boxes of paper you shred, 1 tree is being saved!

Our Commitment

For every metric tonne of paper shredded by shredEX, we will plant 1 tree, through various tree planting programs -- primarily in the province of Ontario, but we will also soon be including global tree planting initiatives.

For every two (2) tonnes of paper recycled, we will also plant an additional tree.

Your Commitment - By shredding, you are involved in helping to preserve our enviornment!

For every metric tonne of paper your company shreds with shredEX, with the help of of a Canadian Tree Planting Program, we will plant a tree on behalf of your company.

At the end of each calendar year, we will issue a Certificate of Contribution to your company, which denotes how many trees were saved through your recycling program with us, and how many trees were planted in your name, as part of your contribution to the shredEX TreeCycling environmental initiative.

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